Thursday, 17 January 2013

Expectations of Research Methods

As mentioned in my comment to Nicholas' post, I appreciate how Luker is encouraging students to be open and flexible and question traditional methodology when conducting their own research and not settle for something that may not be working for them or be limiting their work in some way, for the sake of respecting authority and tradition.
Jessica's post made me want to mention that personally, I have always loved the research process and find it exciting, whether it was in academics where it is more structured or in my acting work where I have a lot more freedom with how I explore and uncover layers of information. Initially I was afraid this course might make me enjoy research less, my assumption being we will be taught very strict and formal approaches to which we must adhere to as thoroughly as possible. And I imagine this will probably still be the case for the most part! But Luker's point of view relaxed me a little bit. As she seems to be saying 'take what you can use and run with it, and leave the rest' - I realize I am simplifying here - but I like that advice and I'll take it.
From my own research experience, I find when I approach something with the goal of exploring and learning more about, rather than identifying a particular thing as "true", I uncover a lot more useful information, as well as getting a fuller understanding of the context from which this truth comes from. So I resonated with all these points she made.


  1. I have to agree with Shadi about Luker's positive spin on the whole process of writing a research paper. I can't say I've ever been excited before to write a paper (especially one this elaborate), but Luker definitely presents the idea as very light-hearted and fun. For me, all my past research topics usually start growing on me mid-way through the essay. I look forward to the freedom of exploring my own specific interests. The possibilities are endless.

  2. YAY! Three cheers for personal investment in research! (Seriously! I'm actually not being facetious...)