Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Girl in elevator

Hello everybody,
So this is that video we were talking about in class today where that girl gets kicked in the face for scaring someone in an elevator. It is really really funny, but I'm not sure how it relates to research. But if this was an experiment that I was a part of, I'm sure I would be in therapy for years afterwards!
-Emily Ekstrand-Brummer

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  1. Do you guys think that's real? It kind of looks fake.

    Relating to research, this video really shows how researchers need to think about legal ramifications and possible negative outcomes of their experiments or research. Luker talks about ethnography in chapter 8 of "Salsa Dancing Into the Social Sciences," and that it is a fully immersed type of research where the researcher eat, sleeps, and lives with a culture. This type of immersion has significant risks, however. An outsider adapting to a culture may be ignorant of practices, beliefs, or traditions that the culture has and could do damage by bringing their world view into the group. For example, someone ignorant of eating restrictions and rules of different groups, bringing in or preparing food a certain way could compromise the subjects' beliefs and customs. This shows the importance of sensitivity and accountability researchers must use in order to avoid emotional damage to those they are observing.