Friday, 5 April 2013

Research Method Induced Nostalgia

As I read the article ‘Diary’ by Keith Thomas I am flooded with fond memories of being an undergraduate history student. I remember back to my historical methodology course. I was taught the method of using index cards as medium for my notes and citations described by Thomas in his article. To be honest I have never utilized this method in the process of my research. I always took my notes down on continuous pages. I do identify with Thomas’ feelings of nostalgia. Thinking of these methods reminds me of my time as an undergraduate student. They remind me of the people I knew as well as the experiences I had there. Now as our research methods class comes to a close I think about the future. As time passes I think the ardour of proposal writing I perceive will diminish (or get worse only time will tell). I wonder however that on some later date will, the use of some research method bring me back to the first time I learned about it in our class.

Thank you everyone I have enjoyed my time in this class.


Thomas, K. 2010. Diary: working methods. London Review of Books, 32(11), 36-7. []

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