Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Different ways of doing research

--> In reading over the peer review articles for our assignment, one thing stood out to me – how much the methodologies can vary, and in how many different ways, for social science research. This shouldn't be a revelation, but reading the three articles one after the other made this point much more vivid to me. 

To begin with, articles can use completely different data – from interviews to facebook posts. Moreover, articles (as is the case with two of these, the fab lab and information overload ones) can use any one of a number of combinations of different kinds of data. At the same time, the authors' research can also use different methods of analyzing their data, regardless of what the sources are. This was especially apparent to me in the article on fabbing and the article on information overload. Both articles use interviews, but the different ways in which they manipulate this data lead to different kinds of conclusions and results. Both how one acquires data and what one does with it impact the final results, and the intersections between the two can dramatically change the research.

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